Hide legend functionality in "Interactive Legend" Web App

05-04-2021 01:55 PM
Status: Open
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Hi all,

i have a suggestion about the legend, because i'd like to have the legend "not exploded/open" at the beginning of loading; i cannot find and change this setting in the new functionalities layout of the "interactive legend" app. In the previous version, i remember the presence of this functionality to hide the legend.

Here is an example of Interactive Legend:


Thanks a lot.



yes please. This is especially needed where webmaps are embedded in websites and could be displayed on mobile devices. Just a toggle on off for the legend to display on map open would do it. Thanks. Another example https://actgov.maps.arcgis.com/apps/instant/interactivelegend/index.html?appid=f2dfd67d29ed4cabbb91e... legend on startup is definitely in the way on mobile devices.


Yup. Based on the 'Interactive Legend' Instant App's description, I'm thinking this may even be a bug... or at least not intented behaviour (since it still appears even with the Help panel disabled).

If it's going to be forced upon users, the ability to at least change the wording would be nice.




Yes! When viewing app on mobile devices, the legend obscures the map initially upon opening. We often embed apps in wordpress sites, which further limits the screen real estate, compounding the issue. Many of the other widgets have settings for being open or closed by default (e.g. setting for "search open at start"). Please add the ability to have the legend closed at start in the Interactive Legend instant app! 


Thanks for the feedback on the Interactive Legend app. We will be looking at adding an option to have the legend collapsed at the start of the app in the next update of ArcGIS Online. 


Thanks for the update @BethRomero


Interactive Legend now supports the ability to collapse the legend when the app loads. The setting is located under Interactive Legend section in the config panel. This update was included in the most recent (March 2022) update to ArcGIS Online.