Have web maps update the layers when a hosted feature service which the web map refers to is overwritten.

03-17-2017 01:56 AM
Status: Open
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This idea is really a copy of enhancement request NIM085436:

Currently Web Maps refer hosted feature services through static rest requests in the JSON. When a hosted feature service is republished with more layers or layers in a different order, the web maps does not update to reflect the changes. This results in the web maps referring to incorrect layers when a hosted feature service is overwritten if the layers have shifted. For an example, please refer to the video in the data path. Please create functionality to have the webmaps update as the hosted feature service is overwritten. This behavior also exists with regular map services being brought into AGOL and Portal via REST URL

In addition, it would be nice if the layer in the web map had an option to set, like "get new layers automatically from service" or something like that, so you could choose which web maps should stay as they are, even when the underlying layers are updated, and which maps should automatically reflect changes in the underlying layers. And/or a button to press to update layers from the underlying services.

Perhaps also an option to choose whether symobology should be replaced with the symobology from the map service when an updated to the underlying service is detected. Or that it automatically detects wheter you have customized the symbology or not. Popups should not be affected on layers where they have been configured when an automatic update is performed.

A workaround for now is to use AGO Assistant and manually add the layer in the web maps JSON-data, but this is cumbersome for most people. You could probably also remove the feature service and then add it again to the map, but this requires reconfiguring symobology (maybe) and popups.

Quick Update: I've written a short guide to update the layers in the web map's JSON data. Please be careful and make a backup. I do not take responsibility for corrupted or destroyed web maps, neither does anyone else. Guide is attached.


This would be a *HUGE* help -- it seems like I have to rebuild AGOL web maps every time the underlying feature service (and registered ArcGIS Server "map image layer" services) are changed in any significant way - layers added, rearranged, etc.

Back in the Flex Viewer days the layer IDs were handled in the "Config.xml" and various widget .xml files, so it was relatively easy to account for the changes.  Now that it is done in the web map, it seems like those controls are more "concealed" and harder to control unless you are willing to edit the JSON.  Also, the ArcMap data frame property "Allow assignment of unique numeric IDs for map service publishing" doesn't seem to help for some schema changes.


Any update on this issue? It is really time-consuming to have to remove and re-add the service so the updates are displayed in the web map. Also removing/re-adding the service in the web map affects the configuration files in many of the webAppBuilder widgets.


There is an option in AGO Assistant to "update the URL of a service in a Web Map."  Perhaps this could help.


Is the below showing the issue that you are talking about with this idea?

New AGS Mapservice Layers Not Showing in AGOL WebMap 

This is just a theory.  Can it be that if you add new layers below existing layers in the mapservice they will show up properly in the webmap, but if you add new layers between or above existing layers in the mapservice they will not show up properly in the webmap?


I would just like the choice for a web map to update or remain static when new layers are added to services they use.  We have the issue that whenever we add to our web services the new layers end up in existing maps and they mostly don't need to be there.  We have to then untick the new layer from any web maps and web map apps which use the layer which can be incredibly time consuming - plus you have live public web maps with random layers in them all of a sudden which isn't ideal.


Maybe this https://community.esri.com/ideas/12533  would already help...

by Anonymous User

Also the webmap 'service' id should not change. That causes a lot of frustrating issues. 



This would be very helpful. 

In addition I would like to be able search for a service (by its url)  that is being used and have it show all maps and apps that it is in so that I can a least update things manually if necessary. I haven't found a way to do this (currently have to track or create way more services than I need and get clever with folder naming to keep track of things) I have used the attribute assistant - it is hit or miss how it behaves.