Have Arcade expressions become real fields on export

06-30-2021 07:41 AM
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I have seen this posted several times but have not found an idea post for it.

I would like to have my Arcade expressions generate real data on export.  I understand that may be slow at times. 

Or at this point are we just waiting on attribute rules to come to AGOL?  It would solve all kinds of issues I have with Arcade not being "real" fields.  I had seen a post it was due out this year but cannot find it.  I also heard they are working on them for Field Maps (offline is tricky).






Thanks a lot

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As an update the bigger issue I am getting now is that I cannot use FeatureSet functions for symbology.  The other is not showing in the attribute table without a click.  No one wants to click on features one by one to see the value.  The classic example is inspections.  So many posts of people wanting to symbolize the parent by the status of the child.  But you cannot do it which seems weird to me.  The other option would be to finally fix the related attributes that list in the popup.  They are just blank.  Working with relationships is key to using a RDMS system. 

I am not sure attribute rules will solve this issue.  Will the rule fire if a new child is added?  Not sure that is on the radar.