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Grouped Sub-Layers in New Map Viewer

07-12-2021 05:59 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

The new Map Viewer now allows layers to be grouped, which is very useful. 

Is it possible to have this feature extended to sub groups like the below?




Group layers are not supported at the item level for feature layers or at the service level. You will have the share the whole map from Pro with the group layers if you want to have that structure in place or use Map Viewer to create the group layers.


Also Web App Builder is 3.x JSAPI based app and does not support group layers and only 4.x apps like experience builder will support the group layer organization.


@RussRoberts I think adding this functionality would be incredibly useful for organizing and controlling the visibility of layers in the new Map Viewer and in 4.x apps like Experience Builder. I can think of an example adding layers that we are not the publisher like the Living Atlas layers for Active Hurricanes, Cyclones and Typhoons. Adding that whole service to the Map Viewer results in 11 individual layers being added, each with their own toggles for visibility. If you add all those layers to a group layer of Weather Data, you can control the visibility of all the layers under that group with a single toggle. Being able to have additional nested group layers would allow you to organize those 11 layers into a Hurricanes group layer within the Weather Data group layer and control the visibility of all those layers at the same time.

I understand that there is a limitation with the 3.x apps but it seems like this is a much needed usability feature for the future of the rest of the Esri apps (4.x JSAPI and beyond).


Map Viewer does support nested group layers. You can publish them from Pro in a web map or author them in Map Viewer.  We are looking into a group layer item but this does not have a set release date. Thanks for the feedback!







@RussRoberts Oh, interesting! I work mostly in the ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1 version of the Map Viewer so I only see the following options for grouping:












All of these grouping options pertain to those top level groups and not nested group layers.


It's good to hear that they have been added to the ArcGIS Online version of the Map Viewer. Any idea of when these nested layers will make into into a version of ArcGIS Enterprise?


looks like enterprise picked it up at 11.0


Thanks for looking into that, Russell! This just gives me another reason to upgrade to the latest version of Enterprise.