Group specific credits and ArcGIS online

12-16-2020 11:48 PM
Status: Open
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An umbrella organization manages the ArcGIS Online organizational account including the total available credits for companies A, B and C. We ask for the following points to be implemented:

  • The credits available annually must be able to be divided proportionally or user-defined among the three companies A, B and C and managed independently.
  • Within companies A, B and C, it must be possible to allocate the credits to work groups or individuals. Example: Company A has n work groups or employees. The credits of company A must now be divided proportionally or user-defined on these work groups or employees. The credits of each of these work groups or employees must be managed separately.
  • The administrator of the umbrella organization should have the ability to redistribute the credits during the year if he/she sees that Company A needs very few credits but B needs a lot. The same must be possible for the work groups or employees within the companies.
  • The administrator must receive a message after a company, workgroup or employee has used e.g. 70% of the credits available to this company, workgroup or person. The message should contain a warning that the limit would soon be reached and a link to a dashboard. On this dashboard, the administrator can set the limit.
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It would enable efficient management of different groups within an umbrella organisation.


As a consultant I can confirm that this would be extremely helpful in order to manage the various projects I'm working on! 
As I create various online applications for different groups/clients, I want to assign the credits that they are purchasing to be used only in their group!