Group layers in arcgis online webappbuilder

05-12-2022 02:57 AM
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Hello I was wondering if ESRI plan to developp a group layers in Webappbuilder soon.

It could be easy  to organise layer by types for exemple 

1. Satelitte

  • Year -1
  • Year -2
  • Year -3
  • ...

2. Shape

  • shape A
  • shape B
  • shape C
  • ...

Group layers will not be coming to WAB. This is functionality supported in the 4.X JS API which is what Experience Builder and Map Viewer are built with.  WAB is built off of the 3.x JS API which does not support group layers and has the same layer support as Map Viewer Classic.


Below is an article that may help, although I can not get step 5 to work in any of the "themes". Originally I was using the billboard theme and it did not work with that one. So I tried the foldable theme and it work, however, this morning I tried it again in the foldable theme and it doesn't work with that one or any other theme. AHHHH the joys of ESRI products....

How To: Display group layers in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder (


Can I ask why you are not using experience builder instead which has GL support?  I would say this support article isnt the best solution and not sure how this handles nested group layers that can be authored in Map Viewer and Pro.


I have recently moved over to experience builder for another project and will likely continue to work in with experience builder. As for nested group layers authored in Map Viewer, it doesn't work whether they are grouped in Map Viewer or they are not grouped in map viewer( just ungrouped two groups in map viewer to see if that was the issue with the map I was working with in web appbuilder). So I agree that experience builder seems to be the way to go. It would be nice if ESRI suggested procedures would actually though. The other thought with the issues I was having with web appbuilder may something is corrupted on my side.


@RussRobertsYou have stated that the ability to group layers will not be coming to the Web App Builder, and I have read that from several other sources as well. However, I have created an app using the Web App Builder that does group several layers together in the Layer List tool.

I added a group of layers to the Map Viewer map used as the source map for the app from the WMS link below. In the Layer list of my app, they are all grouped together and can be toggled on/off with one checkmark.

However, I have unable to get any other grouped layers from Map Viewer to carry over as grouped layers in the App.

Do you know why the layers at the link below are allowed to be grouped in WAB? Is it something that can be replicated? See also the screenshot - the layers are in a group called "TIP 2023-2027".

Thank you! (and to pre-empt the question, in the future I will simply plan to use Experience Builder, but the project I'm working on now is too far along with too tight a deadline to rebuild in EB)

Grouped Layers in WAB.png


For map services and wms layers they can have a grouping at the service level. You could republish that service you linked above to have that grouping you want. Feature Services or feature layers do not retain this grouping so it wont be present if you add the feature service or the map service at the layer level of the REST endpoint.


The grouping you can create in the Map Viewer that gets saved to the web map is not supported in Map Viewer Classic and other 3.x apps like Web App Builder. These 3.x apps wont read this spec and the layerlist wont be able to display it. There is not a workaround for this case because these apps do not support these latest additions we have made to the web map spec.