group filter like normal filter with multiple filters among each other

07-23-2019 02:14 AM
Status: Open
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It would be very helpfull if the groupfilter comes with de option to place the different filters among each other, like with the 'normal' filter. Now you have to apply each different step.

Group filter

With the format like the normal filter,  it's easyer to filter on more attributes at the same time. see image below.

normal filter

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This would be great, I've added multiple instances of the same layer (a Big Points Layer) to my map for visualization. Putting each one in different  visibility scale and different symbology (Clustered on low scale / heat map on medium, scale and points location on High scale) .

                        Low                                                   Medium                                                            High

Then I have to use Group filter to filter them all together not to make confusion with some of them filtered and others not.

This is not doable with the way group filter is, it needs to allow filters based on the conjunction of multiple attributes (with different value for each attribute), just like the normal filter.

Also a simple modification would be great if AppBuilder allowed multiple instances of Group Filter as the case in other widgets.