Group Admin Privilages

04-04-2012 09:18 AM
New Contributor II

I think there should be some form of Tiered group structure to allow certain members to beb given administrator privilages.

At present the structure is;
Group Owner (has sole admin rights to the group)
Group Member (can access all data but has no admin rights)

This is fine at first, until the creator switches role, or company, or is away on holiday, and cannot manage user requests.

The problem I face is that I have set up a few groups for friends who would like the functionality that a GIS system offers but they do not have the experience or confidence to create something. But as confidence and experience grows I would like to have to option to transfer ownership of the group over to them, or even simply to allow them to manage membership.

I would suggest the structure of;
Group Owner (Full Admin privilages)
Group Admin (multiple: as set by Owner or another Admin. Can manage members/edit group details etc, but cannot delete the group)
Group Member (can access all data but cannot edit any group details)

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Agree. And we need to be able to assign that middle-tier administrative function (manage members) to users whose privileges do not include creating new groups. I want to be able to delegate to any member of a group the role of member-approver for that group, regardless of how limited that person's privileges are in other contexts. This saves me from having to either approve all members of all groups myself, or train everyone to whom I want to delegate group membership management on how not to break things with their newfound vast privileges that I have to grant them.