11-02-2016 04:31 PM
Status: Open
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So I noticed the google and facebook sign-ons have been added to AGOL. Well, I don't know who did this but...

  1. I went to create a new public account and clicked to create one with my google plus, knowing that I already had an account associated with this email address. Esri made an entirely different account for me instead of identifying my existing account and attaching my google + account for future sign-on capabilities. 
  2. I cannot choose my username? That's bizarre....
  3. I tried to do the same thing for facebook and was signed into a business account. There was no way to switch facebook accounts whilst creating an Esri Puiblic Account. 
  4. I cannot change the password for my account because it was created with google plus. There is no way to make my credentials unique form that of my google +. This poses serious security questions for me. I want to be able to access things with SSO from Google, but keep my credentials separate. 
  5. I can NOT access COLLECTOR, of all things, and many third party applications with this new account because I can't use Google + authentication. I have tried signing in with my auto-generated username and my google +password, my gmail credentials, and my email.