Give Users the option to update symbology on a web-map by web-map basis when overwriting services

02-23-2017 02:46 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II

I understand the reasoning for not overwriting map symbols or layer configuration in each web map when the individual services are overwritten (to protect configurations across multiple web maps which can be the foundation of a web map app), but I also have web maps that would benefit from being able to change the symbols or configuration by simply rewriting the service. This would save me SO much time if, in the web map settings, there was a check box to enable layer updates to be transferred into the map. 

E.G. I have 10 web maps based on one map service that I published from AGS. Every time I update the services to change the default field values, which fields are required in editing, default symbol size, etc. I have to recreate the web maps to reflect these changes, or I have to manually update each individual layer in the services on my web maps (which is a LOT of layers).