Geography Shaped Maps on Infographic Report

02-23-2018 12:09 AM
Status: Open
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On the infographics report, the ability to be able to trim your map to the selected geography rather than display the full rectangle would provide a really useful option and provide scope to use area based reporting in different ways.

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Hi Simon, 

Thank you for entering this idea.

Just to confirm, instead of seeing the full rectangular panel for the map you want that panel to be the shape of geography, right? For example, in the screenshot below, instead of the having the full rectangle as shown by the green highlight, you need the panel dynamically shaped by the red border geography shown on the map.

Any more information on the use case and screenshots will be great. 




That's correct.

We are using the report to create profiles of existing geographys and have information on a published maps showing information inside each area.

Current issue, it the map shows beyond the selected geography so the ability to crop to shape would be useful.

An extension to this would be the ability to filter the map based on selected geography. This would be good to highlight lower level stats within a selected area.

Appreciate this may be difficult due to the changing ration of width to height based on geography.


Hi Simon,

Thanks for the additional details. Sorry, but I am still not clear on exactly what output your are trying to produce. What I understand from your comment is that you want infographic style information inside the map. Wouldn't that be too hard to read on top of a basemap? I would really like to see a sample of what you are trying to produce. Just a mock up will be useful too. 



Did anyone discover a way to do this cropping, trimming or cutting?  Thank you.