Fuzzy/wildcard search for user management

09-06-2020 05:43 PM
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We have a few external users to our ArcGIS Online account which we have to add for one off projects. In order to restrict access, we grant them a specific role but we also suffix the username with their organisation e.g. John.Doe_ABCOrg. It would be very useful to be able to search for all users of ABCOrg. I've tried %ABCOrg, *ABCOrg and various other wildcard searches but they don't seem to work - instead they bring back all users.

It would be great if Esri could implement a fuzzy search/wildcards in ArcGIS Online for user management, as well as items/groups.

The following thread has the initial discussion Fuzzy/wildcard search for user management and there was an enchancement for Portal for ArcGIS mentioned but it doesn't appear to apply to ArcGIS Online:

ENH-000119929: Provide wildcard search functionality that allows for members to be searched for based on unique member profile characteristics within a Portal for ArcGIS organization.

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I agree, I'd like Esri to implement a fuzzy search/wildcards in ArcGIS Online for management of usernames.