Fix Basic Viewer App so that Legends Appear Correctly

09-20-2016 10:55 PM
Status: Open
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There is a known issues whereby legends in the print output using the Basic Viewer Application do not display correctly.

(see BUG-000094164 and BUG-000086442). The issue is that the legend displays values as "Override X" when the default symbology is not used (ie. Styling is done in ArcGIS online)

ESRI have no plans to fix the issue as they believe a satisfactory workaround is to republish the data with the desired symbology from ArcMap desktop.

Legends are a fundamental part of every map, and something that users expect to be able to have work correctly. This 'workaround' does not seem to be a satisfactory solution for a number of reasons:

  1.  Not all users will be using ArcGIS desktop (you can upload directly to AGOL as a zip file) and this is a key element of many users choosing AGOL - that they do not require a ArcGIS desktop license in order to use it. For these users, the only option they have for styling, is within AGOL
  2. Organisations may want to use the same data in multiple different maps, styled different ways. It makes no sense to have to publish multiple times (and hence use multiple storage credits) just to get legends to appear as expected.
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This would be great.