FINDER Widget Addition to Web AppBuilder

02-05-2015 01:19 PM
Status: Open
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The Web Appbuilder could benefit from a widget similar to the functionality found in the FINDER Configurable App. In the FINDER Configurable App, one is able to select a layer and a field, from one of the many layers in a map. For instance, I can configure the FINDER app to search on my Parcel layer, by Parcel Number, and the app will zoom into the found Parcel. It's beautiful. But once found, we CAN'T turn any of our layers on or off, or do much of anything else that are basic map functions.

If this FINDER functionality were incorporated as a Widget into Web AppBuilder, this would solve almost 90% of our problems with using Web Maps and Apps on ArcGIS Online. We could search a desired layer (parcel search by parcel number), zoom to the found object, and then do other things, like turn layers on and off (a basic function of any map), draw, measure, print, etc. We could even use the esri Geocoder to get close to the area of interest if the user did not have a parcel number available, or one was not found in the data.

Icing on the cake would be able to have the FINDER widget allow us to search on more than one layer, or have the ability to add multiple finder widgets to the app so the user can search by several different layers by the attributes we allow.

Now if this happened, that would get us 98% of the way to nirvana!

Thank you for your consideration
I agree, this is the main functionality not available to users at the moment.   We have not deployed this app for this very reason.  After using the Finder App functionality, ESRI's geocoders appear to take a huge step back in performance.  Enough that I will not deploy an app using the geocoders.  Appreciate your consideration.
by Anonymous User

I think the Search Widget with Feature Search configured on the layer might be what you are looking for.