Filter features interactively in ArcGIS Online

11-08-2013 03:49 PM
Status: Open
Esri Regular Contributor
Hi, I'd like to be able to remove features from the display (i.e., filter them out) interactively.

Suppose I've narrowed down a layer of potentially suitable sites (parcels) with attribute filters. I'm visually inspecting the remaining sites against an imagery basemap and I can see that some of them are no good--maybe too close to a freeway or on a steep slope. Or maybe I've geoenriched them and I don't like their demographics or something.

In ArcMap, I could interactively select these bad sites, switch the selection, and create a layer from selected features. It would be nice to have equivalent functionality in ArcGIS Online. Like if you could select multiple features on the map (why can't you do this if you remove pop-ups?) and then in the Table Options have a choice to Hide Selected Features or something like that.