Filter Edits pop in(layer "...") - make it permanent or move it to the bottom

03-08-2017 03:35 PM
Status: Open
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I've got an issue with the 'Filter Edits' pop in on the "..." menu of a layer on a Webmap (if edit tracking is enabled). When working with a large number of layers and configuring the pop up for each layer, muscle memory and the 'Filter Edits' menu pop in do no agree with one another.

1) Often, their is a slight delay to when 'Filter Edits' appears in the "..." menu, 
2) the position of 'Filter Edits' being directly above 'Remove Pop-up'
3) when clicking the "..." menu of a layer with the intention of clicking 'Configure Pop-up', the slight delay of 'Filter Edits' appears just as I click 'Configure Pop-up'
4) This moves 'Remove Pop-up' and 'Configure Pop-up' (and everything underneath them) down one position.
5) I then mistakenly click 'Remove Pop-up' instead of 'Configure Pop-up' because of the delayed appearance of 'Filter Edits'.
6) The result of clicking 'Remove Pop-up' is that it removes and forgets what I had previously set up for the Pop-up, forcing me to either refresh the page and lose any unsaved changes, or to completely reconfigure the Pop-up.
The solution is simple:
  1. move 'Filter Edits' to the very bottom; or
  2. have it always displayed (regardless of edit tracking enabled or not) and grey it out when the layer is not configured to track edits;
  3. or when clicking 'Remove Pop-up' add an "Are you sure you want to remove the pop-up?' instead of it being an instantaneous action
A menu should never grow or shrink on the fly when a single click can have the consequence of wrecking your work.