Filter Double and Max/Min Values

03-17-2020 10:55 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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I had an idea for a new filter for ArcGIS Online Web Maps that could make things easier. The current filters only do it by specific values like ones that are a specific name or higher or lower than a specific number.

I would like there to be a filter that makes all points with the same value in one of the specified attributes not appear, except for one. And the user could specify which other attribute decides which of the doubles appear and which do not, such as by maximum or minimum date or numeric value in another attribute. 

Also on that note, there should be one that filters by max or min value for date or numeric values. Instead of just greater than or less than a specific value. 

Considering that ArcGIS uses SQL Statements, perhaps this could be done by a SELECT UNIQUE * from Table where [CONDITION] 

Or for the max value, by one of SELECT * from Table where [MAX Attribute]

Would this be a viable idea? It would make filtering much easier for a lot of applications