Expose to each individual user exactly how many credits each of their individual items consumes.

09-12-2018 11:15 AM
Status: Open
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Fully expose to each individual user exactly how many credits each of their individual items consumes. Add "Credits per month" or some similar attribute to the details section of each item. Allow users to sort their own content by credit consumption.

It's not fair for me to ask my users to moderate their credit usage when there's not enough information available to them to make such basic decisions as, "Is this item worth this many more credits than that item?". Exposing to the user their individual credit budget is not sufficient. They need information that will allow them to make decisions about the relative value of their individual items.

Additional benefit: Many users are afraid to do anything because the credit consumption is so opaque. If you want people to use AGOL, you need to let them know how much it is (and isn't) costing them.

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I like this a lot


Love this idea! This would be extremely helpful for both administrators and general users/publishers. It would also be helpful to be able to know which features are using the most amount of credits for feature attachments. Currently, in administrator view, you can only get this breakdown for feature storage (excluding attachments). 


Yes! We need a much more transparent credit monitoring system. I want to know exactly what items are taking up the most credits. I also want users in my Organization to be able to know what exactly a credit represents and how many credits each of their items is using. I just don't understand why the credit system is and always has been so cloudy.


This is an excellent idea. I would add that the estimated credit cost include attachments (which have a different rate of credit consumption). Right now, the size of each layer excludes Attachments.


Has Esri considered adding this functionality at all? This is an old Idea and it doesn't seem there's been any action on it. Is there any potential to it being "In Consideration" or "In Product Plan" soon?


This is a great idea.  Being someone that uses a boatload of my organization's credits, I would like to see the following items of the details page for feature services:

  1. Credits used (per month) by each credit type
    1. Attachments
    2. Feature Layers
    3. Change Logs
  2. A graph, or chart that shows past credit usage. Having the past credit usage available for viewing to help with credit usage projections and budgeting