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02-27-2014 06:48 AM
Status: Open
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I am interested in having our clients export specific layers to ONE AutoCAD file.  This is a repetitive request that we would like to automate and provide online.  
We have created a sample of what we are looking for in order to test.  http://cityview.baltimorecity.gov/extractdata/
Right now it is not possible to combine the layers into 1.  Exporting as many different files is not our goal.

Jamie Williams, GISP
Senior Database Specialist
Baltimore City Planning Dept.

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If I understand this idea correctly, this is already possible.  Existing samples may use the EXPORT TO CAD tool to create separate files, but you can certainly have all the GIS layers go to single CAD file and even a single layer in a single CAD file if you want.  It would all depend on how you craft the script or model tool you are using.