Export query widget filters to XML for backup/restore operations

03-13-2020 02:00 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

I recently had to delete a hosted feature service and recreate it. This feature service has 8 layers, and each layer uses the query widget to define multiple search/filter criteria.

After recreating the feature service, I had to go back into the query widget and laboriously rebuild all of the search/filter criteria for each of the 8 layers in the feature service.

It would be great if the query widget offered a way to export a layer's search/filter criteria to an XML file, and then also be able to import the XML back into the query widget. This would provide a quick and easy way of backing up and restoring your search/filter criteria when you need to recreate a feature service, rather than having to re-do everything manually.

This idea is not limited to just the query widget. It could also be applied to any other AGOL widget, such as the attribute table, where you set configuration options. Having the ability to export all of your widget configuration settings to XML, and then import the settings back into the widgets, would be a great way to document your project, safeguard your settings, and easily and quickly restore them if something bad happens, without having to laboriously recreate everything manually.