Export AGOL Member Usage Statistics to Excel

03-05-2018 09:00 AM
Status: Open
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We have been rolling out AGOL content to our users over the last couple of years. Now that we have gained some traction and are continuing to add resources and cycles to the effort it is important to communicate to management that we are indeed making progress and increasing usage. At a fundamental level increasing usage should demonstrate that we are developing meaningful content and adding value to our businesses. In addition to validating the power of the product this information would be great for goal-setting, etc. 

Unfortunately there is very little information available to export and it is not easy to do out of the box. In a quick pinch we were able to use GEOjobe admin tools to export basic user information - primarily "LastLogin" for users. At least this allowed us to demonstrate "recent usage" among our global user population (see attached graphs).

If you view member information on the organization's status page (see other pic) there appears to be a lot of helpful info that could be used for these purposes, specifically number of ArcGIS Online logins per user for a given time period. After researching this further with support these numbers don't even appear to represent logins but tokens issued for that user. We extracted the token usage information over a year time frame and even this information looked very suspect. This is disappointing on many levels but at least this has been escalated to an enhancement request and is being looked at. I think it should be a basic function to indicate the amount of usage by user for any desired time period and to be able to export this info for the entire organization.

Spending time clicking around the organizations' status page there appears to be a lot of really cool information being tracked but it is not all that effective if it can't be exported to excel for further analysis and reporting. If anyone has any suggestions or examples for stats that they have been able to export and use for reporting purposes I would love to see or hear about it. 


To add to Peter's request/idea:

We manage our ArcGIS Pro licenses via ArcGIS Online and named users.  There is an option to view “License Activity” for ArcGIS Pro, but there is no option to export to a CSV or MS-Excel file.


Activity Report

Please add functionality in the ArcGIS Online Admin dashboard to export ArcGIS Pro and extension licenses activity reports.


Thank you


You used to be able to sort by last used, which helped us monitor our users, and purge inactive users. Now AGOL administrators cannot sort by Last Used nor can we export a report of our users. Our campus requires us to create these reports for cost-recovery, and this is increasing our load and administrative burden to do a task that used to be readily available.