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Export a table from Web Map

04-21-2016 11:06 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
To export a table to an excel file or other format it's a great tool to have in the Web Map. Users using the Collector application for data validation in the field can share not only a web map but their results by using a filter to identify the latest data and attach it to an e-mail for further processing. The option to export a table is available in Web Apps but it will be a great benefit to have the same option in Web Maps.

It would be a much simpler workflow to do it from the attribute table instead of having to go to the item details or use the export data analysis tool (which uses credits).  Our users want easy access to the results of their anlaysis and being able to export easily is important.


Yes...having this functionality in the Map Viewer, is a "no brainer" . I can not understand why this functionality has only been added to Web App. The Map Viewer is by default the standard way the majority of users access the web maps. I can't tell you the number of times we've been asked by users if our data can be exported. 


We've worked on a "data portal" for a couple of our projects and we have a Adaptation menu that is implemented via a dashboard.   Basically folks select a number items to tell the tool what enviroment they are working in and the tool suggests adaptation actions they can implement.  We've been asked multiple times if we can generate a report from this information so it can be used in things like grant applications.  Short of telling them to do a screen grab, I'm not sure how to do this.  It would be a super helpful function to have.