Expiry Date for AGO Content

02-08-2018 01:55 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Allow for a user to select an expiry date when publishing content in AGO (and after it has been published).  The expiry date would act as a flag for the user to look at the necessity of this content in the future.

This would help users to keep on top of the currency of their content in AGO.  This makes for a more organized environment, can help us better serve our end-users with current data, and also assist in removing outdated content that should no longer be viewed.

Further thoughts:

  • This could default to 'Never', but allow for a user to pick from some specified time periods (ex: 30 days, 6 months, 1 year).
  •  A notification would be sent to the user that they have expired content.  The user can then choose to delete the content or extend the expiry date (by the same specified amounts of time or 'Never').  Once the notification has been viewed, it is removed from the users notification list.

And what about then for when the expiration date has passed the feature-layer/service would not be visible; or would be visibly changed to like a different symbology? 


I like to add a publishing and unpublishing function. For instance, a public transport company drives a bus via street A, B and C from January 1st till February 1st. From 1 February till 1 March the bus drives at street A, D and C. The planner creates a map for the first scenario and publishes the map and add an unpublishing date for the map at the 1st of February. The map for the second scenario is published automatically at the 1 of February. The planner creates the map up front and already puts it on Arcgis Online. If he is on holiday at the 1st of February he does not have to log in and activate the correct layer or map.