expand share-ability of products to select non-account holders

08-28-2020 04:18 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

It would be great if Arcgis Online made an update so that individuals with an ArcGIS account could share view only documents to select people (i.e. within an organization, city department, nonprofit, etc) even if they do not have an esri account. Currently I am able to share maps, dashboards, etc. only with individuals within my organization that have an account, otherwise the information has to be public. I would love it if there was a in between option that made items view only within an organization, for a predetermined work group, only if individuals had a direct link to the product, etc. rather than being accessible only to account holders or the general esri public. *If there is a current fix for this please let me know because I will take full advantage!

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A share Link, like Google Drive or DropBox would be great.  Even if just for read only viewing.