Enable Web Map to consume an MMPK

03-30-2022 12:56 PM
Status: Open
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We maintain an MMPK in AGOL for our field crews that work primarily offline so that they can download and consume it using ArcGIS Field Maps. We have Enterprise running locally, but we've been planning a backup web map on AGOL for our users for the rare cases when the internal system is down.

Since all of the required data is already being managed on AGOL as an MMPK, it would be ideal if we could create a viewable web map that leverages that MMPK data rather than having to manage a 2nd copy as a Feature Layer/basemap. Since Field Maps was not ported to Windows, our office staff have no way to consume the MMPK unless I'm missing something...?



Explorer for windows is an option for your windows users to view Mobile Map Packages.




Thanks for the ideas Mark

We already tried Explorer on Windows before we switched to Field Maps and were not impressed so did not proceed. Plus that then requires them to install an app, which is also a hassle since it has to be sideloaded due to IT policies. Being able to consume the mmpk as a web map would provide a simple backup map that could be accessed just by having a browser and an AGOL account.