Enable the ability to clone hosted views

06-08-2021 07:59 AM
Status: Open
Regular Contributor

We are often creating hosted views which are highly similar, but tailored for different user groups. Currently, we have to create each view separately from scratch off of the hosted feature layer. This takes a lot of time as we have to set each of the features, fields and extent in the view definition each time. It would save a lot of time if it was possible to clone or duplicate an existing hosted view whilst still maintaining its connection to the hosted feature layer. We could then make minor modifications to the cloned views (e.g., defining different extents).

It is currently possible to save hosted feature layers as new layers, but these are independent from the hosted feature they were created from and so do not meet our needs.


You could copy the JSON from one view to another using something like ArcGIS Assistant.


Thank you for the suggestion @jcarlson. I'll admit I've not worked with JSONs before. However, looking at the JSON in ArcGIS Assistant I can't see anything obvious that depicts the view definition. I may be missing something though.