Enable popup by default in Web Maps in Portal for ArcGIS

10-09-2019 07:55 AM
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It would be very useful (I think) to have a setting in a Web Map within Portal for ArcGIS (or in the portal itself) where you could set the default behavior of popups to be set to enabled or disabled, rather than the default always being disabled.  Lost count of how much time I've had to spend re-enabling popups in Web Maps when services are added (or re-added) to a Web Map.  Apologies if this has already been raised, I couldn't find it mentioned anywhere.

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by Anonymous User

Webmaps - a 'turn all popups on' button 

We need popups on raster layers 

This is indeed a good idea. With Portal being an implementation of ArcGIS Online, it will probably await the next-gen ArcGIS Online update.

You can enable all popups by default if you have the developer edition of WebApp Builder, using Robert's mod:

Layer List: enable popub by default   Or you could do this with a viewer if you are using the bare API. A GUI option for this would be useful though.