Enable graphic selection (select by rectangle/polygon/lasso/...) for the Map Viewer

02-03-2022 03:05 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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Being in the middle of a transition to ArcGIS Pro, people from my organisation who used to work in ArcMap are now transitioning to working with AGOL. A lot of them miss the ability to be able to select multiple features graphically. In Desktop there is the ability to Select by rectangle/polygon/lasso/line/trace/3D-options and this ability is very much missed in the Map Viewer.


This isnt present in the new map viewer. Is the multi select for identification, editing or analysis?


Mostly for identification. Let's say there are a lot of point features and you want to know: which of these are within this specific area? Instead of clicking on every single one separately, it would be nice to just select them graphically and then be able to have a look at them in the table. 


pleeeeease bring this back!!!!

Status changed to: In Product Plan

Thanks for the idea, we realize this is important and are looking into getting this added in the near future.


Yes! I have a similar idea, but also adding the ability to export graphic multi-selected features through a rectangle, polygon, etc. would be a great addition!