Enable editing capabilities for Creator and Editor fields in ArcGIS Online on any hosted feature layer

09-27-2021 07:55 AM
Status: Open
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Hosted featured layer has the option 'Keep track of who created and last updated features'. It makes possible to filter what features each user see and can edit.

The above option works pretty well when individual users add their own features (e.g.: user fill a form to add a new submission). They are adding their own featueres, and they will be the only user to see them (besides admins).

However, when working with multiple users within in an organization, sometimes, it makes sense to be able to create features for specific users and apply ownership of those users manually through the Creator field. Unfortunately, the Creator and Editor field is not editable at all. This option is also useful when migrating layers in order to keep who created and edited the layers.

So, enable editing capabilities for Creator and Editor fields in ArcGIS Online on any hosted feature layer, at least for the owner of the layer.



They are not editable by design so and accurate record can be kept of who created or edited and and what date.

For what you want to do you can simply make a NEW field to designate this or that person.

Or you can disable editor tracking and then you can manually update those fields. 

Not what I would recommend if Editor tracking is important. 


Hi Robert, I know that I can create a new field to designate a specific person, but it won't work with the hosted layer features capabilities:

What features can editors see? Editors can only see their own features (requires tracking)

What features can editors edit? Editors can only edit their own features (requires tracking)

Maybe the creator field is not the perfect way to handle that, but if Esri ArcGIS Online could have another way to handle capabilities, it will be awesome.

For example, we could have a field like an 'owner' field that admins could update, and would designate a user in their organization. That field could have automatic behaviour like giving specific permissions to them.