Enable adding attachments in AGOL from non-hosted feature service from Portal

09-28-2021 07:08 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Currently, the new Map Viewer and Map Viewer Classic only support adding attachments from hosted feature services (hosted in AGOL or hosted in Enterprise). We would like to be able to add attachments from our enterprise geodatabase (SDE), which has a service in Portal and then is shared to ArcGIS Online. Using this final AGOL service, you can add attachments in mobile apps, just not in AGOL itself.


You need to publish your services that are in your SDE.  You can then add the service you published to AGOL and add the features then.

by Anonymous User

Thanks @RobertBorchert . I just closed out a case with ESRI on this one. Our workflow is SDE-->Service in Enterprise 10.8.1-->Service shared to AGOL (as URL) using embedded credentials. Currently, this AGOL service works perfectly with attachments in mobile apps (for example one can take photos in S123) but if you add the AGOL service to a web map in AGOL, it is not possible to add attachments. The AGOL documentation the ESRI rep referenced does explicitly define that attachments only work with hosted feature services. Since we need to use our enterprise GDB and not hosted Feature Services, we're asking for this enhancement. 


I don't know about that.

I created a service for an app some years ago.  It was not hosted.  We did not have enough licenses in Portal so I brought the service into AGOL. 

Out Telecom techs attached close to 2500 photos over a 12 month period before we transferred it to Portal.  The data stayed in our SDE database.