Embed Private Maps

04-03-2013 02:20 AM
Status: Open
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Using an ArcGIS Online subscription I have created a series of maps that I would like to embed within a website.  I cannot do this however as, due to the sensitive nature of the maps, I cannot make them open to the public.

Clearly it is a major flaw if the ability to embed the maps into a website is limited to public maps only?
I agree!! We need to be able to create a map to embed in our intranet site, with the option to NOT share the underlying feature/map service as well as the web map itself. Not that our data is super sensitive, but it's not ours to share and we definitely don't want anyone editing it. This essentially prohibits the usefulness of AGOL for our agency.
I Agree. This is URGENT!
You could always share the map publically. Copy the embed-code, and then un-share the map. This will result in an embedded map with a login interface. 

This is something that our organization needs as well. Some of the data that we have cannot be shared publicly, but we love for our employees to be able to view an embedded map in SharePoint. The other employees only need to be able to zoom in an out and turn layers on and off. 


Agreed.  We want our users to be able to access our maps from a Single Sign On interface that doesn't require ArcGIS credentials.  Having it so that you can only have it completely closed off or completely open simply doesn't work for a lot of the sensitive information we use ArcGIS for mapping.

One possibility would be for ESRI to allow us to manually allow access for a certain website and turning it off for everyone else, that way only our requesting URL has permission to view the embedded map or application.


While a workable technical solution, this may not be possible for policy / privacy reasons. In some cases, the organization may have reason to prevent users from making items public. In other cases, privacy or security concerns may prohibit a map (and its layers!) from being made public ... but it's still valid to share within an organization or group and to embed the map into a web site that's available within the organization or group.


I only know enough to be dangerous. Could login credentials be done through an API to access the map?


Another work around might be using a python script to login to the private map using a method similar to what I found in this YouTube video. This seems like a lot of hassle for something that you can do free through Mapbox GL-JS, though. For now, I've been using Mapbox for my private maps that need to be embedded in web pages that require login credentials.