Embbed Crowdsource inside Open Data Portal to get GIS Value

10-30-2017 01:55 PM
Status: Open
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The ultimate question is "What is your GIS Value"? There's a number of articles out there, but common sense and a new way to view this Question & Answer can be thought in two ways.

First, one has to look at what it took to build and maintain your GIS Data & Apps. It could be over years and be worth a gazillion if you interpreted that way. TFE Man Hours X Months Years, Cost of Application/Maintenance. Cost of updating data, etc.

Then, there's your customers. If they think you gazillion GIS data/apps system is worth zilch, then you have no value. One of the things I see vital is Google Analytics Bounce Rate. The Bounce rate is the KPI for your website. It measures the percentage of single-page sessions in which there was no interaction with the page. So if the Users see no value in your data/app, then you have a high Bounce. A bad site is considered to be over 50%. Ours is Open Data Portal - GeoDat with our Geocortex Essential Web Maps are 14%.  https://geodat-kernco.opendata.arcgis.com/ 

This tells me we have great value, but how much, as seen from the customer. That’s where a crowdsource app embedded inside the Open Data Portal would define it’s true value. Setup the App to give the User a choice of 1. an overall value, 2. by the Page, and 3. by the dataset. Your could have more options, but by keeping it very simple, provides the Customer an easy friendly experience.

Have it defaulted to require the User to provide their experience. Once you have a few hundred/thousand responses, you can then extrapolate out, statistically speaking, the Net Value, ie, that is, your cost minus the customers value. Then you have something to talk about.

Please embbed now!!