Email Users from Organizational ArcGIS Online

09-30-2021 08:07 AM
Status: Open
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It would be really useful to allow administrators to email users of an Organizational AGOL instance.  We had an internal issue recently that was blocking AGOL Apps and Services.  It would be really handy to email the entire user base.  Some additional features such as emailing specific roles, groups, etc would also be useful.  I saw past responses to this question stating that AGOL doesn't have a mail server but it has to now because it sends emails for account requests.

At a minimum there should be a way to download a CSV, table, something of users and their attributes.  It would then be easy as well to access emails.


This has been on the want list for a long long long time. Well maybe not that long, but probably since day 2 of AGOL

We would like the option to send a mass message to all users or to people in a specific group.

We have had to compensate by maki


@WStreet worth moving this to a question, because you can do this with AdminTools. Even in the free version. 


I saw posts going back to 2012 with people asking for this.  I really don't understand why it is still such a shortcoming.

I know GeoJobe will do it.  I just think the Portal should do it on its own without having to tie back into a 3rd party tool.


For some the idea of letting a 3rd party have access to your Portal may not work. 


@RobertBorchert Exactly. 


It is possible to e-mail all users in an ArcGIS Online org or Portal for ArcGIS site using the ArcGIS Python API.  Here's a link to a sample Jupyter notebook that can be modified and executed by a non-programmer, albeit carefully, inside of ArcGIS Notebooks as an org admin.  It's based on what I use in production to do mass notification at Virginia Tech.   @WStreet @RobertBorchert this does not require any third-party access to the portal.  Feel free to adapt this to suit your needs.


I found a work around for non-scripting types like myself today. So, I thought I would share it on the most recent feed I found for the ongoing plea for an embedded solution in Portal. 

I generated a Member report  from Portal (organization tab/status/reports/create report/member report) and used it in the Mail Merge function in Microsoft Word.

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