Editable field names when creating layer from template

01-06-2022 06:32 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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I am recently trialing many of the ArcOnline capabilities that I have not been utilizing, one of which being creating a layer directly in ArcGIS Online. I used a template for an inlet inspection to create a layer and found one critique; it would be helpful if it gave the ability to edit the field names prior to publishing the layer. When trying to integrate this method for clients, I can see it being a problem where they have a preset naming schema for their data, and if a created inspection layer is intended to coexist with their own it would need to have the same naming convention. Rather than start completely from scratch in making a layer or deleting out fields and adding them on the back end, it would just be easier to have an option to edit field names before the data is published. Especially when the template survey would have been perfect for a previous project I worked on, except I would have needed all the field names to be different.