Edit Scene Features - ArcGIS Online

08-15-2017 10:47 AM
Status: Open
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Last week I began familiarizing myself with the capabilities in ArcGIS Online for some projects ongoing at my company. We often interact with multiple clients on a single project, and as such wanted to allow the clients to comment on our maps. The edit widget works nicely for this on the Maps, but there is no such capability for the web scenes.

It would be great if there was some functionality that could allow web users to edit features in a pop-up for scenes, similar to how it works currently for maps. Some information is much easier to visualize in the 3D space, so having this capability would be a huge help. Kiersten, the ESRI support specialist that I worked with on this issue, created an enhancement number which she suggested I include on a post here: "ENH-000101366: Provide more functionality for configuring pop-ups in 3D web scenes in ArcGIS Online"

I'm sure others would benefit from this addition as well, and I hope to see it in a future update!


Totally agree:  we need a 3D Edit widget for WAB.

are there news  or rumors about this feature ???



This is an important enhancement. Fingers crossed this is being worked on!!


any news?