Edit in an Embeded Map

09-03-2015 04:17 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
Having the functionality to Edit layers within a web map that is shared as an "Embed Map". I have had contact with an ESRI representative and they investigated whether or not it was feasible to Edit layers within a Embeded Map that lives on a website, below is there findings:

1. Created a blank feature service with editing enabled.
2. Shared the feature service with everyone.
3. Added the feature service to a web map and then embedded it into a simple web page, I used my machines web server.
4. From what I observed, when embedding the web map, you can make several changes to the display of the web map, but editing does not seem to be an option.
5. When viewing the web map in a separate web page, although you can select and view individual attributes of points, it doesn't seem to give you any option to adjust attributes or add more points.

The goal is to have an online form that has a web map embeded into the form (iFrame embed is only acceptable) and then users can Edit the web map while still on the form. Thanks community!