Edit Features In Attachment Viewer

09-06-2019 01:32 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II

I created a web map to review damage assessment inspections using the Attachment Viewer app.  It would be nice if an engineer could review the photos and update the features directly in the Attachment Viewer.  This way if they need to reclassify an inspection, add notes, or fill in missing information, they can do it all in one place while reviewing the attached photos.

As a work around I tried creating an Arcade expression to create a URL that opens the item in Survey123 to make edits, but that's not working right either.



I agree, this is exactly what I was hoping the Attachment Viewer would do- allow the user to examine photos, then update the point attributes (status field, notes) as needed.  Please, please!  This is so close.  


I really need this feature! I am working on a drone monitoring program. This would help staff/volunteers classify images.