Dynamic Map Services in ArcGIS Online

01-09-2013 11:57 AM
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In addition to Feature Services, please allow data to be published as a Dynamic Map Service.

ArcGIS online seems to be missing dynamic map services. These services provide useful functionality such as dynamic labeling which currenly does not exist in Feature Services and very hard to control in Tiled Services.

This will allow web maps to contain "nice looking labels" that will move based on map extent. This is different to the tiled cached results of labels in which cases the labels might exist on tiles outside the current visible extent and the user does not see it.


Please prioritize making scale-dependent labeling (with labels drawn directly from the geocoded database) available on ArcGIS Online and Portal.  We would like to be see all of the labels for our datapoints at a glance.  Thank you.
Would love to see scale-dependent labeling on AGOL & Portal!! Also would like to be able to export the maps with labels to PDFs & export the data from the databases (e.g. when altered from the Portal or AGOL appliication)
This is much more than just a labeling issue - not that labels aren't important.  Any feature-dense data sets that cannot be adequately rendered on the client (any data sets where you might request more than several hundred features per map draw) or that may require complex cartographies are not possible to deliver through ArcGIS Online's current feature service architecture.

In our focus area of facilities, a single map draw may return many thousands of features and we often make use of complex cartographies.  At present versions, the lack of dynamic map services on ArcGIS Online is one of several blockers that is preventing us from moving more fully to ArcGIS Online.

I would like to see labels be supported on arcgis online.

Thanks Tommy Gray
I agree with 'sturich' that this is much more than just a labeling issue. There are times when a feature service is overkill from a functionality standpoint and a simple dynamic map service would be the better option for performance reasons.  ESRI - please support hosting dynamic map services in the near future. 
by Anonymous User

this is urgently needed / mission critical.  

Open Data is amazing. However, it's nearly useless at present because it loads in to a new ArcGIS.com AGOL window as a Feature Service. Most of the time layers don't load or error out. (Imagine loading all road segments in a county as a Feature Layer.. fail.)  Or it pops up several warnings about scale and not all features loaded. 

Open Data is the PERFECT solution for agencies or counties to have all their data instantly viewable, and let users mashup several layers together, i.e. only the data they want and not a bunch of layers they don't want. We're quite looking forward to it.

However until they have Open data load dynamically and AGOL loads dynamic layers, it won't be useful as such.  Even feature layers with less number features, they load much slower than a dynamic layer. Dynamic should be AGOL / OpenData default.  (I don't see why it wouldn't be.. unless Editing or something specific to feature layers was required?)