Dynamic email tool

12-20-2016 04:29 PM
Status: Open
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Esri has a demo tool for emailing AGO group members  https://nwdemo3.esri.com/agoladmin/emailgroups.htm.  This is a useful tool that would be even better if we could compile a distribution list by role rather than by a group.

For example:  I want to be able to send an email notification to a target group of AGO members in my organization who have the ability to create content.  I could add them all to a group, then use the email tool - but its problematic to ensure the group membership is always current.  If I add new members to the organization and forget to add them to the group, then they will miss the email.  In this case I'd be less prone to missing a member if I were able to create an email distribution list by selecting members according to their current role.

It would also be excellent if Esri could incorporate the email tool into the AGO platform.

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