Download data to computer from item details page - without needing an AGO account

01-16-2018 11:15 AM
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We need to be able to allow anyone who has access to the item, to be able to download it directly from the item details page to their pc in any of the formats already supported (i.e. shapefile, geodatabase, geojson, csv....).

From an item details/settings page, when the setting "Export Data - All others to export data to other formats" is enabled the export is limited to creating a new item in ArcGIS Online (organization subscription).  The user then needs to download the item from their AGO account to their pc, and may then need to go back to delete the item in AGO (unless they want to pay for data storage for a somewhat redundant item).  We want the public to be able to download data that has been shared to them.

We'd prefer not to have to enable and manage an Open Data site.


This would make the process simpler as it would only be 1 step without creating additional content in AGOL.

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Yes this would be nice. As an option to allow or not to.  

There is this - Download ArcGIS Online Feature Service or ArcGIS Server Feature/Map Service 

But this idea would be better for more casual users.


Thanks for the link to that tool Kevin - I'll check it out


Looks like a great tool if you have Esri software, but we're looking for the download from item details (for anyone with access to the item) because it better supports open data concept (i.e. you just need to access browser to download the data - no special tools or software required).

by Anonymous User

Meg Hoole‌ indeed that would be nice. Probably will only happen if an open source stack team creates a way of downloading via JSON.

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The current workflow of "exporting" the feature service into an item on AGOL that you can then download is cumbersome and different from the way most export or download actions elsewhere work. To export or to download as a SHP, GDB, GeoJSON, etc. should mean it downloads directly to you computer. I'd be interested to learn why exporting creates a new item in AGOL. It seems like it satisfies a limited number of use cases to the detriment of the most common ones. Please just let us export the data directly.


Am looping in a thread covering this idea with our use case.


Now that user types have changed from the two User1&2 model, creator licenses are expensive and we have downgraded many of our staff to Editors or Field Workers. Unfortunately, because of this two-step download process (1st Export to a new item 2. Then download new item to your computer), most of these users can now no longer simply get an spreadsheet copy of their data. I agree with everyone who has already commented: that this should be  a single process that skips creating a new item and allows non-creator accounts to click one button to get their data.



In ArcGIS Online we can change a setting to allow users of our organization the ability to export data to different formats.  I would like this setting to also allow the public to be able to export data as well from the view item details page (when the layer is shared with everyone.)

Figure 1.  Settings-->Export Data-->Allow others to export to different formats is enabled.

Figure 2.  Per documentation this setting will allow only members of my organization to export data to a different format.

Figure 3.   Members of the public may add the layer to ArcGIS Desktop and subsequently save the layer as a shapefile.  However, they may not directly export the data from the item detail page.

Justification for this request:

  • Once the data is shared with everyone users may add the layer to ArcGIS Desktop and subsequently save the data in different formats.  Thus this setting provides absolutely no data security.  It just requires extra work for people outside of our organization to download data.
  • We could go through the work of adding an open data hub.  However, an open data hub may take a while to set up, and may not be appropriate for short lived data.

This function is something that really needs to be added. The main issue I have regarding this has to do with data ethics. Entities should not be posting other's data on their own open data as it blurs who is responsible for the production and maintenance of the data.

My agency has an open data site that we use to enable the public to download data we create. However, as we are a public agency, the public can request any publicly available data we use in our work. While we encourage requesters to get the data from the source, most just want whatever version we have because they do not want to do it for themselves. At least we try to get them to get the latest version from the actual data source, but we are not allowed to withhold publicly available data if it is requested.

Given the above, we want to be able to make the third-party data available to our users (on a temporary or permanent depending on need), but not on our open data site as it is inappropriate to post someone else's data to our site.

What this idea request would do is allow us to make data available to the public without pretending it is our data. Do not be intentionally dense about this. Even when we put links to the data source and clearly state in the metadata that someone else produced the data, the public still ends up thinking it is our data because it is on our open data site, and you know that happens.

What is needed is simple; allow us to share data (temporary or permanent) in a way that enables the public to download data without an ArcGIS Online/Hub account so long as it is shared with the world.