Do not add '_WFL', '_MIL' or '_WTL' to a web layer's name when publishing a web map

01-05-2018 01:32 AM
Status: Open
Esri Contributor

When publishing web maps from ArcGIS Pro (2.0.1) '_WFL', '_MIL' or '_WTL' is automatically added to the web layer name, probably to indicate if it concerns a web feature layer, a map image layer or a web tile layer (see LayerName.png).

However, this is not the case when publishing a web layer (via Share > Web Layer). The layer name + '_WFL', '_MIL' or '_WTL' does not look very nice and is not necessary as well as a user can see what type of web layer it is by looking at the 'Type' column in ' My Content' or the item details of the web layer. 

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