Display our Organisations Carbon Footprint by using ArcGIS Online.

03-07-2022 12:54 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

Amazon recently provided a carbon footprint report for usage of their AWS resources. As we all strive towards Net Zero by 2050, I would like to see Esri provide a way for each organisation to report in the organisational reports section of the Organisation Settings, what their Carbon Footprint is. A dashboard could be used. AWS's own Carbon footprint reports provide good examples of the sort of reports you could potentially offer.

Our management are being asked for ways in which Digital technology like GIS could be used to help reduce our carbon footprint. I think that GIS already helps to support Net Zero activities however we still need to understand what our own footprint is and be accountable for that. Whilst I believe that cloud infrastructure providers have an aim to provide 100% renewable data centres, currently this is not the case.