Display dynamic content from a website in a pop-up

02-25-2019 10:00 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

I love that in ArcGIS Online (AGOL) you can create dynamic hyperlinks to external content using Arcade as well as display those links and other media like images and charts in a pop-up. But it would be really useful if AGOL pop-ups could also be configured for additional media types to be displayed directly inside a pop-up. Perhaps something like an i-frame that could display dynamic content from another site directly in the pop-up without having to leave the web map/app to go to another site.

I know this could open a Pandora's box of potential security issues, so perhaps there is another, more secure way of doing this. But it just seems like there should be a way to show my users more dynamic content for the features in my web maps/apps without have to send them away to some other website.

To give a specific example, I have traffic count data from my state's DOT portal that is dynamic and has some really good dashboards (for each traffic count location) built into the site.  I was trying to figure out a way to have each feature's unique dashboard displayed inside a pop-up when you click on that feature.  The dashboard includes multiple elements (none of which are images).  I am able to build dynamic hyperlinks to each feature's dashboard so that my users can click the link to go to the DOT portal.  But my users are wanting something more user-friendly; some way to display the dashboards for each feature inside the web app I have created for them.

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