Display Data Attributes on ArcGIS Online When Hovering

11-13-2013 09:06 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

My users would like to be able to see the attributes for layers on an ArcGIS Online map without clicking.
They would like to be able to have the attributes display when they hover over an attribute.


We really need hover and zoom-box capabilities into ArcGIS.com (like we had with the old ArcGIS Explorer Online).


We really needs hover over text, this is the number one question I get from our users. Thanks


I'm not allowed to upvote, but I'd really like to see this as well.


hmm.  idea submitted in 2013.  Not finding that it has been implemented in early 2018, I just voted it up as a representative of more people in my organization who want it, too.  Distinctly unsatisfying way to reiterate the need for a fairly common capability...  No indication as to whether or not this idea submission has been reviewed, ignored, added to product plan, scheduled, etc.



This has been requested in my organisation. It may not seem like a big deal to have to click on a feature to get the popup, but feedback from non-GIS users suggests that it IS a big deal for them. In particular it is useful where there are a considerable number of similar features in the same locality, as in a web app I am currently producing. It gives a more streamlined user experience. 

by Anonymous User

Why is this functionality not available as a standalone setting/widget. I don't want to use Media Template as it doesnt serve my requirements. Would be nice to see if this is part of the Web Map or Web App settings.