Disable "No information popup"

03-16-2016 03:58 AM
Status: Open
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You should be able to disable the popup that says "No information" / "No information available" when clicking the map where there is no featurs with popups configured.

Thank you for submitting this idea!

In your web map is the pop up disabled or configured? Can you share the application or web map where this occurs? 
Sorry for the late reply, but sure here is a link to one of my applications:
Yes, it would be great to have popups only appear when clicking on a feature where the popups have been enabled.  Currently I have one layer with popups enabled, yet if I click elsewhere on the map it shows the "no information available". 
Thank you for the additional information!
by Anonymous User

Yes.  Definitely yes.  Maybe this should actually be the default.


We currently have a map that we've just started seeing this behavior on as well but I am reluctant to provide a link because it might unnecessarily inflate our usage statistics . It has one line layer that has enabled popups but the popup shows up when clicking on empty space in the map and simply says "No Information Available." This is leading our users to think something is broken.

by Anonymous User

Doug, great point. Reading that phrasing literally, they are interpreting it rather logically. I propose leaving it off by default, or at least reword it, such as "No data available at this location or zoom level".    I did not use the word scale intentionally... Users may not know what that word means. I also find Esri's use of "Extent" in web viewers to need changing. I replace it with 'Zoom Level' everywhere in WAB, such as the on-over html title on the back/forward WAB buttons (Previous Zoom / Next Zoomed Map Area).  Often even technical users i.e. engineers do not know what the word extent means. Don't swim against the current.. let's make food for customers and not chefs. I suggest using 'zoom' or other plain language equivalent in web viewers.


was this ever worked on? i'm still getting it happen


Anyone ever figure out how to get this annoying behavior to stop? Is there a way to override the popup triggering event with custom WAB-DE code?