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Disable PopUps for certain attributes within field - ArcGIS Pro

10-23-2020 01:28 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Disable popups for attributes within a layer. I am working with an indoor floor plan layer and have attributes for symbology: mechanical, classroom/office, corridor/hallway/lockers, restrooms, food. It would be great to be able to disable popups for an individual attribute.

For example: I'd like to deactivate popups for corridor/hallway/lockers, and keep popups for the rest of the attributes.


A workaround could be to add the 1st floor layer twice.  In the top layer, symbolize on the MapColor field and remove the Corridor/Vestibule... symbol class from that layer.

In the second layer, do the opposite so that you're only symbolizing the Corridor/Vestibule... Only enable pop-ups on the top layer.  That way you'll still see the Corridor/Vestibule... features, but there will be no pop-up enabled for them.

Also, if you will be continuing to add floors, you could group the two floor 1 layers, group the floor 2 layers, etc.  

I know its a workaround, but I think it would give you what you need for the pop-up behavior.


Thank you for your response Kory. I will be adding 3 more floors and their floorplans. I've thought about that workaround. ..I also have a building footprints layer underneath the floor plans; I also could color the layer white and query out the corridor attribute in the layer, but then I'd have to turn off PopUps for the building footprint layer anyways (which I need)...

The only problem I have with adding the same layer twice and grouping them together is drawing order and publishing on AGOL servers; features don't draw out well and look "flickery" (for lack of a better term). The more layers the worse the rendering and drawing looks.