Disable Map Frame Clipping at Max Extent (ArcGIS Online)

03-30-2017 07:24 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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In ArcGIS Online, when the map is zoomed out to the max extent, the edges of the frame are clipped off.

Edges of Map Clipped

This is because the code is triggered to clip the frame to a specified extent, rather than "auto."

Code specifing that the frame is to be clipped to rect(1250.5px, 873px, 226.5px)

However, if that clip value is changed to "auto," the grey space on the side of the map go away, as seen below:

No clipping on side of map

Here is the change in the code, as made in Firefox inspector:

Clipping rect() changed to "auto".

If this change cannot be made, at least let the user determine what color the null background will appear as, rather than large grey blocks on the edges of the map.