Directional arrows on linear features in AGOL

07-12-2017 03:10 PM
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i need to be able to symbolize pipes with flow direction based on digitized direction 

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This has been a long-standing issue in AGOL / Feature Services. It's possible to do this in a Map Service, but not a Feature Service - which is the only option in AGOL.

See this thread for how long people have been wanting this feature - started in 2014:


There is a limited solution now that lets you put arrows at the beginning or end of a line, but that is completely useless in sewer systems where the lines meet at structures - the arrows and structures would overlap. It is also the industry standard do place flow arrows in the middle of the pipe.


This is a very important feature for anyone trying to use AGOL / Feature Services for mapping gravity sewer systems. Please consider this idea. The old reason for this not being possible was that the client-side rendering does not allow this type of symbol, but it is now possible to have arrows at the beginning or end client-side, so why not in the middle? Clients have also become increasingly powerful and new rendering technology is available.


Agreed that this has been badly needed for many years.  Also the current arrows must be the same color as the line and you can't control the size which makes them very hard to see in the best of cases. Arrows in the middle of the line where we can control size and color separately is necessary.


Another up-vote from another sewer line web map author here.

I'll add that in ArcGIS Pro 3.1 you can choose to "Use symbol types compatible with all clients" when you publish a web feature layer. Checking this box downgrades directional arrow symbols on lines. If you don't check the box, the symbol may work in the new Map Viewer, but it does NOT seem to work in ArcGIS Field Maps.