Define Label Class based on location/geometry

05-03-2016 07:18 AM
Status: Open
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I work for local goverment in a rural setting.  The majority of our land is farm ground.  I was wondering if it woudl be possible to switch a label class based on an area that is defined in a map (or based off of a polygon).

If i am zoom into an area that comprises of mostly farm ground, then the label class (that i set up) would automatically choose "Ag land". 
If i moved to a municipal area, then it would automatically switch to the "Municiple" Lable Class.

Location enabled as opposed to only controlled by attribute. 

by Anonymous User

Hi Justin Lutterman‌ I came across this idea when doing some research into labeling - have you checked out label classes and filters in Map Viewer Beta? The combination of these two capabilities may give you what you're looking for in ArcGIS Online: Highly requested features are now available in Map Viewer Beta. Let me know any feedback on these features,



I think this is a good idea but with a twist; when using circles (buffers) or areas with radial symmetry, it would be nice to have an arc-aligned label. Something that wouldn't always default to the polygon centroid. The Draw widget is another location where arc-aligned labels would be helpful. Radial labels (not so much a dimension) that allow user value input (override of the default unit measure) would be super helpful as well. Just my $.02