Default Organization Bookmarks

09-02-2016 01:51 PM
Status: Open
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It would be useful if ArcGIS Online allowed organization wide bookmarks.  A county for example could include bookmarks for all of the cities and townships in the county.  These bookmarks could then automatically be populated when a user creates a new map.


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This is an obvious feature that should be in AGOL.  Clearly many organizations use the same set, or similar set of bookmarks over and over and over.  You should be able to import the Org's default bookmarks into the existing or empty set of bookmarks to quickly populate.  Between the team members of my department we have collectively spent way more time than is reasonable tinkering around with bookmarks.

I do not think they should be imported automatically as the original idea above suggests, but rather provide a quick import link/button from the Bookmarks menu to bring them in easily.  Then you could quickly remove some of the "default" bookmarks, if necessary, which is much quicker than adding them.